Philippine Board of Pediatric Dentistry

In 1996, the Philippine Pediatric Dental Society Inc. (PPDSI) sponsored and created Philippine Board of Pediatric Dentistry (PBPD). In 1997 the PBPD conducted its first Qualifying Written Examination. The founding members of the PBPD were credentialed pediatric dental specialists with 2 to 3 years full time specialty training who had contributed to the recognition of the pediatric dental specialty in the Philippines and who shared the same vision of achieving excellence in pediatric dentistry through certification of all pediatric dentists in the Philippines.

The PBPD continues to be recognized by the Professional Regulations Commission Board of Dentistry since 2011 as an organization registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission as the specialty board to accredit pediatric dental specialists. It holds PRC Board of Dentistry Accreditation No. 01-0304-2003.  It continues to be recognized by the PPDSI as the specialty board of Pediatric Dentistry.

The PBPD awards Certificates to successful candidates conferring onto them the designation Diplomate of the Philippine Board of Pediatric Dentistry.