Become a Diplomate

A. Why become a Diplomate?

This is a fundamental multifaceted question that has as many ramifications as there are personalities in pediatric dentistry. There are several answers to the questions, not all will apply to one given person. People have different motivation for doing things. It is the Board’s hope that the pediatric dentistry specialists who choose to go through the certification process are doing it for the right reasons. These reasons are couched in the ethical fiber of our specialty:

Personal Growth

There is a significant amount of personal growth and satisfaction in becoming Board Certified. In many ways this may be the best reason for becoming Board Certified.


The Board experience instills confidence in the candidate and in the Diplomate. There is nothing like the acceptance that you receive from your peers. Board certification is gratifying. The Diplomate badge means that you have a gone a step beyond.

Increased Competency

There is an increased level of professional competency because of the self-analysis that is required to become Board Certified. The Board Certified Pediatric Dentist has laid out his work for his peers and said “Here it is, and tell me what you think”.

Learning Experience

Board certification implies that the pediatric dentist is a lifelong student. One becomes stale and stagnant if there is no learning. Learning is lifelong and Board experience will stimulate the clinician to do just that.

Improved Standards

The Board strives to improve standards of pediatric dentistry in the country. The person who continues in the certification process is helping with that effort.

B. Benefits of Board Certification

Benefits of Board Certification can be found within each individual. The conscientious Board Certified Pediatric Dentist knows and understands that Board Certification does not make on better than the pediatric dentist next door. But it will make you better than you were before. It is something we do for ourselves.

There are no disadvantages to the certification process. The only disadvantage is never doing it. It is for the clinicians who are committed to the specialty, who find stimulation in acquiring increased knowledge and skill and who wish to go the step beyond. It enhances the record-keeping system in any pediatric dentistry office. Records have to be well-documented for Board Certification. It is a good habit to develop. Board Certification is an excellent means of evaluating and improving one’s treatment results.

It gives each of us a look inward at ourselves to become better than we were.