Educational Requirements

The applicant MUST have completed an advanced specialty education program in Pediatric Dentistry, a minimum of 24 months full time academic study leading to an advanced degree in Pediatric Dentistry.

Documentary Requirements

The following must be submitted:

1. Completed Application form;

2. Letter or Application (addressed to Dr. Eric P. Hernandez, Membership and Credentialing, Philippine Board of Pediatric Dentistry);

3. Curriculum Vitae (include research work, if any);

4. List two names of references that should include the Department Head or the Training Officer where you graduated from residency or fellowship, or the Medical Director or department Chairman of the institution where you are connected or were last connected with.  Please include their    complete designation, addresses and contact numbers;

5. Completed Release of Information Authorization form;

6. Certificate of good standing from PPDSI;

7. Completed Verification of Program Completion Form;

8. Colored Pictures:  1x1 and 2x2 with white background (2 pcs each);

9. Notarized photocopy of Dental Diploma;

10. Notarized photocopy of Dental Board Certificate (PRC);

11. Photocopy of Residency Training;

12. Photocopy of Fellowship Training Certificate (if applicable);

13. Photocopy of specialty Board Certificate (Residency and Fellowship);

14. Photocopy of a valid Philippine Dental Association card;

15. Photocopy of a valid Professional Regulation Commission ID (updated PRC card);

16. Photocopy of updated Professional Tax Receipt (PTR);

17. Photocopy of Life Support Certification.