The End of Grandfathering of Pediatric Dentistry Specialists

In an effort of the PBPD to have general dentists with less than 2 years formal training in Pediatric Dentistry become recognized as a specialist in Pediatric Dentistry, the Special Recognition Exam (SRE) was opened to qualifying candidates in January 31, 2013. At the end of the process, we would like to congratulate Dr. Mitsyrose Antolin for hurdling the three phases of the SRE, the last one being the Oral Examination, which was held last July 18, 2016. She is now recognized as a Specialist and is eligible to challenge the Diplomate Board Examination given by the PBPD and will be in the roster of Specialists of the Philippine Pediatric Dental Society, Inc. once she has completed any requirements that the Society may ask of her.